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The Play 

1915. Bombs rain down. Sheltering in her dusty cellar, Alice rediscovers her past amongst old lamp shades & moth-eaten christening gowns. Meanwhile her son Alan, a WW1 soldier, makes the same imaginary journey down the rabbit hole to escape the madness of the trenches, returning them both to a wonderland of talking rabbits, mad hatters & savage queens. Based on Lewis Carroll’s literary classic & the real life Alice who inspired it.


Sound Design

This sound work aims to represent a space somewhere between reality and imagination - both an internal and external insight into character and location. At it’s premier at the V&A London, the sound sources were very much imbedded into the set design, providing a real sense of direction and ultimately bringing objects to life.



The Music

Inspired by Edwardian & Victorian composers such as Michael W. Balfe, Carl Kiefert, Hervé and Walter Slaughter, the music composition in Alice takes on both contemporary and traditional approaches. Although traditional instruments are used, there are many instances in which, sound design is very much a part of the music - aiming to create a strong connection with the physical space.


For examples of this audio content please email with a request. 

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