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Back in 2015 I commenced on a journey to achieve one of my most ambitious (and challenging) projects - the realisation of a shared hub for creativity, collaboration and coworking. Working alongside my partner Lydia, we converted an old derelict maritime arch in to a multifunctional inclusive environment.


Looking back I still find it hard to believe just how much we had to learn in making this thing into a reality - From building timber frames and installing electrical circuits to tapping into the local community, Arco Barco is now a prominent fixture of the region, offering freelance and creative professionals a unique place to work from - it's a communal and inspirational space that enables others through coworking, media/sound production and unique events.


It's also my creative home, where most of my work is devised and created. My spirit is often found there and my blood is definitely in the walls (I needed a lot of practice with power tools 👷🏼‍♂️🔨🚧).


If ever you'd like to come visit we would love to welcome you.    

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