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Bridges y Puentes is a human heritage and multi-discipline arts project investigating migration to the UK within living memory. The current phase of the project focuses on Kent, East London and Hull. This current research forms part of the ongoing Bridges project, which The Ragroof Players have developed from 2011 onwards, across many cities in the UK and France. 


Using models of practice developed over eleven years of experience in this field, The Ragroof Players are engaging broad numbers of people in documenting and celebrating their cultural heritage. We are using Kent, East London and Hull as a creation centre, working with community amateurs, producers, migrant groups, local artists, secondary school children, voters, and councillors of all political colours. Bridges y Puentes provides a platform for migrants’ voices and stories to be heard, both verbatim – many of which are archived here on this site – and interpreted through site-responsive performance, installation, workshops, and community events.

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