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Sound design / ambient works / Audiobook

The following is a small selection of sound design for narrative based works. If you continue down the page there is also a small selection of music examples. 

The Marked - Theatre Témoin: 'Two Sides'  

Notes:  A story about homelessness in London told through the eyes of a young man with a deeply tragic past. The piece was part of a movement duet between the lead character and a pigeon whom he confided in. 


Notes:  A soundscape piece focusing on subconscious experience. Originally presented as a surround sound work within a site specific theatrical installations. This version incorporates binaural audio mixing. 

Bridges Y Puentes - 'The Bridge' 

Notes:  An immersive theatre piece set within multi-story car parks which tells the real life accounts of migration through dance, sound and spoken word. This piece was projected through a multi-channel sound installation throughout multiple floors of carparks. 

Audiobook Adaptation of Michael Rosen's Sad Book

Notes:  This is so old now but I guess it's related. I created this off my own back and at the time knew much less about the field.  Here's the page with the work. 

music examples (Theatre sung) 

The main thing to note before listening to the following music examples is that these are all versions with me singing. These vocal arrangements are placed as reference points for the performers. The actors do a much better job than me but like all things theatre, we simply didn't have time to get them in to the studio. I've selected these based on the range of musical styles, I have other material I'm more than happy to share. 

Macbeth - Act 5 Scene 8

Notes: The play's closing moment, the final thought before curtains - Malcom reflects on the past, his childhood, his connection with the humbling and beautiful landscape, hope, ambition and forgiveness. Composed for an ensemble of eight performers, comprising of four vocalists, percussion, strings & woodwind.

The Jungle Book - Shere Khan 'she's mine for the taking' 

Notes: This retelling of The Jungle Book is set within the 'Urban Jungle', Mowgli a young girl raised by a gang of skaters (the wolves), Balu; a beat loving street cleaner who can't stop dancing, Bagheera; a graffiti artist and Shere Khan; a violent gang leader. The story is entirely told through urban music, dance and circus. Much like an opera, the original score last the entirety of the performance, with each character taking on distinct musical themes that intertwine with one another to create dramatic moments. The example here is a short excerpt from one of Shere Khan's scenes - he's trying to force Mowgli to work for him. Performed by a live vocalist with pre recorded backing track. 

Hamlet - Act 4 Scene 5 'Ophelia - Larded all with sweet flowers' 

Notes:  A postmodernism retelling of Hamlet  which encapsulates themes of transgender, populism and psychology. This music example was composed for one female vocalist to a pre recorded backing track. It's aesthetic draws on popular musical themes from the 80's and 90's and intertwines with abstracted musical concepts. This version is significantly different from the live performance, in which this music forms part of a dialogue with other characters. 

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