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I remember the night I was handed this book. A close friend said that I should read it - that it would help. I thought she was joking…


In my hand was a children’s book called ‘Sad Book’. The cover was very intriguing and and instantly evocative - A man walking through a bleak, depressing landscape. Still there was an air of humour, of light, which, is symbolised through a little dog curiously looking on at the walking man. I had no idea what this book had in store for me.


The first page proudly displays a picture of Michael Rosen, pulling a very funny grin. Of course, you have to smile too, until you read the words:


"This is me being sad.


Maybe you think I'm being happy in this picture.


Really, I'm being sad but pretending I'm happy.


I'm doing that because I think people won't like me if I'm being sad."


As an Audio book I wanted to create a sonic experience that sensitively represented the Sad Book. I wanted to take a similar approach to that of the illustrator – where a sub narrative is created that supports the text rather than a literal sonic representation. The audio work maintains the original text intact and presents the listener with sonic sub narratives.


The work is narrated by Simon Marchant & Emily Parish


This work is best experienced through high fidelity sound reproduction equipment. 



Handmade double disk edition of The Audiobook Adaptation of The Sad Book. Including a Hi Resolution 24bit audio version amongst other material. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Sad Book (Print)

Walker Books Ltd.

Text © 2004 Micheal Rosen

Illustrations © 2004 Quentin Blake


Audiobook Adaptation by Filipe Gomes

Audio Recording © 2010 Filipe Gomes

Composition © 2010 Filipe Gomes

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