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T+G is a multidisciplinary art and design studio led by Filipe Gomes and Lydia Laitung. Although the studio was founded in late summer 2014, the pair had actually worked to  


The duo collaborate to create dynamic and multi dimensional projects that often aim to re-present perspectives. 

Since becoming a full time professional artist, Filipe has developed a strong portfolio of regional, national and international works, ranging from sound installations at the OXO Tower London to composition and sound design for theatrical productions. He’s also coordinated his own creative community projects, such as ‘Taking Flight’, which received a £20,000 grant from Arts Council England and Kent County Council, and went on to be included as part of Turner Contemporary’s launch program in Margate. Aside from creative and community work, Filipe also coordinates and lectures on various modules at Canterbury Christ Church University. 

As a artist and designer, Lydia’s practise began in Blackpool. She had her first work exhibited at the Grundy Art Gallery and won the Young Seasider’s Award in 2007 and 2008. Since then her work  has taken her across a diverse range of environments; from creating interactive installations to coordinating collaborative community projects. Like Filipe, Lydia’s work often deals with transformation and perceptions. The Third Place, for example, worked within a London Borough community to transform disused and empty shop spaces into ‘sharing hubs’. 

The Blackpool Treasure Trove is undoubtably an incredible opportunity for us to expand on our ethos, practice and research. It’s also a perfect chance for to develop, explore and facilitate community led creativity; outputting an original and poignant project.  


Yours sincerely, 

Filipe Gomes & Lydia Laitung



Working with Community



Filipe & Lydia have always remained active within community work; maintaining strong links with organisations and keeping a community led ethos at the heart of their creative projects. “We’re incredibly passionate about, not only being able to share knowledge and skills with participants, but also facilitating creativity, development and understanding – building confidence and ultimately aiding participants in realising creative ambitions”.

For the first half of Filipe’s career, he worked extensively within education and youth work, from planning and delivering outreach and centre based workshops to managing a successful pupil referral unit. Whilst working in this sector, he gained a very solid reputation for being able to engage ‘hard to reach’ young people, often through building a rapport with them. Having made the incredibly difficult decision to leave his position as pupil referral unit manager and art outreach worker, he decided to dedicate his energy, passion and hard work into pursuing a career that would combine his love of community work with artistic creativity. 

The vast majority of Filipe & Lydia’s projects aim to involve communities as much as possible; allowing the work to be led by participants. “As artists, we find this approach truly exhilarating; the idea that we can play a part in the fulfilment of individuals’ creative aspirations. From working with migrant communities, elderly people, to young offenders; We believe that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves creatively”.

The two projects we’d like to put forward as examples both incorporate a community led approach.   




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