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A 'soundprint' of another person’s world; one in which a listener can step into.




Capturing perception and encapsulating it within a world of 'sonic ghosts' 



Walk With Me uses the act of listening, walking and exploration to highlight what locality means to the individuals within it…

…the work is an interactive archive of Geocached Oral History Excursions, which, have been ‘virtually’ placed within the physical world. Listeners must seek and find these excursions and embark on an array of personal journeys.

On the Walk With Me phone app, a map with numerous pins indicates the start point of an excursion. The listener must navigate to one of these pins. At the pin location they’ll scan the area by looking through the camera on their phone. Whilst doing this the app will highlight a location by presenting an augmented reality event on a particular area. Once this is found, the listener will be prompted to start the audio excursion. 



Through a series of workshops, Walk With Me will enable individuals to create sonic excursions. Each with their own unique starting point, once found, the listener will be guided through space - not only gaining insight to what a place means to someone else, but by experiencing a ‘Soundprint’ of a moment in time…listening to the world as it existed through the ears of someone else.

The listener will depend on the guide to lead the way…they will need to adopt a heightened listening approach, one which tunes in to the way someone else is interacting with the world. A clash of two sonic moments; the past and present. An ever evolving sound experience that can never be  the same twice. 



One fundamental principle of the work is to present an immersive headphone experience, one which surrounds the listener and allows them to determine directional sound,  doing so at the very location that it was captured in - a ‘sonic augmented reality’.



Walk With Me is an opportunity to share what space means to us, allowing individuals to creatively express through sound whilst shaping a piece of future social history. 


In a noisy and polarised world of opinions, lifestyles and beliefs, can we listen to the world through someone else’s ears? Can we empower each other through listening? Will we show more empathy and compassion  when  we walk in someone else’s footsteps? Or will we become more alienated? 


The ultimate legacy of Walk With Me can’t be defined, the work is simply an archive of the complex relationship between society and space.


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